We acquired MİTAŞ that started in the industrial operations as a public enterprise in 1955 during the privatization process thereof in 1989 and, set off the business with a new vision targeting global markets.

Based on this vision, we have created a company turning from a business manufacturing only for the needs of the domestic market to one of the leading manufacturers in the respective industry due to the investments in human resources, production and information technologies starting from the 90’s.

These patient and self-sacrificing efforts we made together with all the employees have created the very foundation of MİTAŞ Group making it a Group of Companies contributing to the success of our country’s industry, and providing services to a portfolio of customers located in more than 135 countries in 5 continents.

There is a fierce competition in the industries our companies operate. Ability to provide services concurrently to customers with different business cultures operating in different business areas in different countries requires fast a decision-making process, continuous coordination and efforts.

In order for MİTAŞ Group Companies to successfully continue engaging in its operations in the forthcoming years, we need not only to maintain these great efforts, but also focus on innovation, a significant concept to be a global company, and transform our products, services and business processes as to contain creative and innovative ideas. 

We will develop further our business culture that must be encouraging and supporting the formation of these innovative ideas and, open to innovation and changes, reinforcing our position of being a valuable business partner of our customers, suppliers and employees.

We aim to fully understand the world we are living now to continue our development with the help of our investments, technology reconstructions and reorganizations we speed up during the recent years as well as new group companies.

We do not measure our success only by the financial figures!

We make efforts to ensure natural resources are efficiently used and, minimize the waste from our processes with the help of our environmentally friendly technologies and application and; improve the awareness of our employees and business partners in this respect.

As part of the sustainable development and community involvement principle, we implement social responsibility efforts and focus on in particular the projects supporting students in the field of education in line with the requirements and requests of the physical and social environment surrounding us.

We believe that we will further develop the role taken by MİTAŞ, a valuable industry brand of our country, with the participation and contribution of our employees, stakeholders and business partners.

Chairman of the Board