MTS-Mitas Telecom systems has self-developed telecommunication tower designs and solutions according to International codes such as EIA TIA 222 F or EIA TIA 222 G and Eurocode. Depending on client’s requirements, MTS design engineers select the suitable series from MTS design database and modify it by using CAD software.

If the database doesn’t contain suitable design that can be used by modification as per the requirements of the Client, than a new tower is designed accordingly. The main responsibilities of engineering department are;

  • Determination of design inputs, forming structural geometry and performing structural analysis for various types of self-supporting and guyed towers,
  • Foundation design
  • Preparation of Production drawings and cards
  • Preparation of Erection drawings
  • Preparation of foundation drawings
  • Verification of prototypes
  • Research and development related with tower design and foundation design
  • Geotechnical Supervision
  • Site Supervision

The software used in the company are worldwide known programs as shown below :

  • PLS Tower – Structural analysis program for lattice towers
  • RISA Tower- Structural analysis program for lattice towers
  • SAP 2000 – Structural analysis program for general Purpose
  • PLS Spole – Structural analysis program for polygonal poles
  • AutoCad – General purpose drawing Program
  • X-Steel – 3D Drawing program for steel structures
  • ALLPILE– Foundation design program
  • Large number of tower and foundation calculation programmes developed by us.

Company is capable of doing design according to any International standard shown below as well as to any national standards up on request.

TIA/EIA-222-F, TIA/EIA-222-G, Eurocode 3, ASCE Manual No: 52, TS 648, TS 500, TS 498